We work with local churches to help them provide family based care for orphaned and abandoned children in their communities.


We strive to create jobs and expand household capacity to keep families together. Profits will be paid for basic orphan care costs.


Come join us on a unique trip into the Orphan Window and experience first-hand the challenges and beauty of the Orphan Window.


We work to help supplement family strengthening effort through education via school sponsorships, vocational training.



God’s first line of care for children is the family, including adoptive families. For our target children, the love of family does not exist. Perhaps their parents have died. Or, they’ve endured abuse or abandonment such that these little Ones lack a viable means of day-to-day care. Kids who’ve suffered catastrophic family failure: these children are the focus of our ministry. For such children, we focus on the local church as the next line of care.


With the wrap-around support of their friends in the church and others, and some help from people like us, families and caregivers within the local church can provide family to orphaned and abandoned children. And do so in a way that keeps these children connected within their community fabric. Our help to children often translates into practical things, like help with homes, water, school, food, the basics of life.


Partnering with over 1,400 children and families every day, `continuum of individualized services gives us the special opportunity to meet the emotional and educational needs of the people in our care. Our Education programs provide intensive and comprehensive services to meet the educational needs of children with serious cognitive, emotional, learning and/or social problems who are unable to succeed in community school settings. We provide the least restrictive environment in which special education, structured programming, low student to staff ratios, and meaningful relationships with staff are used to help children achieve their optimal level of functioning, meet with academic success, and reduce presenting behavior problems.



Our work over nearly four decades has painstakingly demonstrated the unrelenting struggles faced by children who grow up without the love and comfort of a permanent family. We are committed to providing interventions that help stabilize families at risk of dissolution because of poverty, disease or financial collapse, helping them to remain intact. In fact, the death of a child’s mother is a leading indicator that the child will grow up with difficulties.